Tizen creates a netizen-centric world.

We provide various content through

different fun and safe community platforms.


Tizen Communication is a leading business partner that continuously develops and supplies netizen-oriented services and content.

Sports Content

We provide Korea’s largest domestic and oversea sport and statistical data which is translated in Korean through various platforms.

  • Provide domestic and foreign soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball data
  • Provide game schedule, results, team and player Information
  • Provide statistical data based on vast data
  • Provide analysis of sports professionals and provision of the anticipated content


Fashion / Beauty Content

We provide Asia’s latest fashion and beauty information via numerous platforms.

  • Various fashion and beauty brand information
  • Asian famous shopping mall and product information
  • Matching information using big data
  • Provide big data for people around the world


Marketing Channel

We provide domestic and overseas marketing business channels.

  • Domestic sports marketing channel
  • Overseas fashion/beauty marketing channel
  • Social/viral marketing
  • Big data marketing



We provide One-Stop service based on know-how and core technology accumulated for more than 10 years.

  • Technical support for Network and Server
  • Mobile Solution and Technical Support
  • Broadcasting content production and technical support

Sports Community


Spojoy has the largest domestic and overseas sports data and provide related contents such as real-time scores, game results, athlete information, statistical data, analysis and news through various platforms.

Global Fashion / Beauty Community


CodiPOP provides Asia’s latest fashion and beauty information. It offers daily updated products and trends from famous designer brands to numerous shopping malls. In addition, users also can obtain various latest fashion/beauty products free of charge through our Rewards system.


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